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The “Barizone”

New York 2017

I married a broad shouldered, goofy guy named Tommy Glass. We actually met in 2015 at Rice University during our Masters, but we were both seeing other people. Two years later, we bumped into each other- he was an HGO studio artist, I took an extra year to become a master of music. We matched on bumble- a dating app- and when I didn’t message him for four hours, he took things into his own hands, and messaged me on Facebook.

And here we are. Happily married, dog parents and expert travelers. So, what exactly is it like being married to someone who yells and plays dress up for a living? So far, it’s a straight up adventure. We’ve so far performed and traveled in Houston, Austin, Minneapolis, Denver, Annapolis, Washington D.C, Steamboat Springs, Phoenix, Tucson, Atlanta, Virginia Beach and Nantucket.

To my husbands chagrin, I’ve nicknamed this post “The barizone”, and I’m talking a bit about what life is like from his point of view. Here’s how it went!

“Honey, are you ready to start?”

“Hold on- I need my coffee so I can have clever answers”

*5 minutes later*

Q: What are your most underrated travel items?

A: Portable Steamer, Extension Cord and Back Massager

Q: “Dang, I forgot my..”

A: Its always socks. I still haven’t figured out the right amount to get me through without needing to do an insane amount of laundry. I also forgot my cigars and humidor. I wanted to have it this time since Sweeney is such a low role. (Laughs) I’m joking! mostly.

Q: What is your favorite way warm up?

A: I always start by going through my vowels, Ee, Eh, Ah, Oh, Oo in a pattern. I’m thinking about all of the different components of supported healthy singing- how I’m using my breath (core), mouth, tongue, lips, so on and so forth. I monitor how the voice is doing that day do a little diagnostic as I warm up. (Starts warm up) We were up a little late, so I’m on the tired side this morning but it’s fine.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Virginia?

A: It sort of feels similar to where I grew up in Edina. We’re close enough to water, I like the heat in the summer and the weather year round, and the proximity to family and DC are a huge plus.

Q: What is your favorite thing about wolf trap?

A: The people. It’s an ever changing group of people, but it always consists of excellent humans, colleagues that become lifelong friends. It’s just always a good time. It’s my fifth summer here, every summer is different and special.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about performing Sweeney Todd?

A: It has a really special place in my heart, and I’m excited to dig in to him again. Sweeney is a man who had an idyllic life but had everything taken away from him simply for the crime of having a beautiful wife. The corrupt system failed him and distorted his sense of morality, opening doors he would never have dreamed of opening before. His laser focus on killing the Judge and Beadle creates a moral vacuum into which he ventures further and further, until he finally destroys everyone closest to him. In a lot of ways he’s like a Marvel character—real people with real problems. We’ve got an incredible cast, amazing orchestra with this spectacular company.

Q: What is a typical daily routine for you?

A: once we start rehearsals I’ll get up in the morning, have some coffee and a protein shake. I head to work, warm up, probably rehearse on and off in the afternoon. Then I get home, go for a run and relax after that. If there isn’t rehearsal, I spend a good amount of time looking at my scores, current and future.

Q: What is the best thing about traveling?

A: Good Audiobooks/Podcasts—that’s the key. Get a lumbar support for the driver, it’s a total game changer. Also an EZ pass makes life much easier, I highly recommend. And the shiatsu shoulder massager with the cigarette lighter plug in is key on the longer drives.

Q: Worst thing about traveling?!

A: Gas prices on I-80!

Q: What is something people might not know about how (we) travel? - in our case, these 2+ day treks out to work!

A: Packing meals ahead of time in a cooler truly saves time! Also, I make a list of what I need every time before we get on the road. We’re now at the point where we have a “travel bin”. It’s where we keep all our stuff that we need to live for a month. (Set of knives- you never know what you’ll get at an air bnb) french press, cutlery, foam roller ect.

Q: Best advice to a young singer?

A: Preparation is probably the thing you can best control, so investing time and even money in it is never a bad idea. Plus, I’ve never heard someone get fired for being over prepared.

—Also, take care of yourself both physically and mentally.

—I just feel like I got helped along by the right people at the right time. I had some mentors that pointed me down the right path—starting in college with my first voice teacher, who pointed me to the folks at Minnesota Opera, who then suggested I go check out Houston, where I ended up going to Rice for my M.M. with Dr. Stephen King. I bounced back from Houston to Minneapolis a couple times for YAPs, but I trusted him, along with my coaches, agent/manager and administration at those opera houses to get me headed on the path I’m on.

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